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The Genius Loci, “the spirit of the place” is an integral part of the room2 experience. The suburb of Chiswick has always been a place of retreat. Here the meandering of the Thames creates a slower pace on the river, perfect for recreation, a pace which is reflected on land in the visitors' experience of local cafes, restaurants and boutiques. 


The fundamental concept was to sidestep any superficial design approach to Chiswick, and it’s vernacular arts & crafts style. We sought to distill the spirit of the movement into the spaces. Arts & crafts was a rebellion against the homogenisation of design and demanded more of both the designers and makers in service of the end user. Inspired by this, our spaces take a step back from the highly polished terrazzo dreamscapes of the hotel industry and offer guests something that feels real to the touch. We have tried to create a modern home from a home that belongs in Chiswick. A design that ditches plastic veneers and powder coated steel, in favour of stonewashed linen, reclaimed timber and handmade tiles. 


The exposed concrete slabs, bricks and blocks bring an unfussy informality which is key to the Room2 brand. The hardness of the shell is interspersed with fresh pops of arabescato marble and striped fabrics by legendary london textile house Tibor. The feeling of home is further reinforced by oak timber floors, berber rugs and boucle cushions. Anchoring the space, the reclaimed antique Elm bar front was inspired by the ancient Japanese yakisugi process, creating a dark visual style and uniquely tactile feel. It’s about bringing a roughness and a realness to a commercial space that is akin to a domestic environment.

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