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Sachetto Nove (2014), was informed by a brief which asked artists and designers to create a conceptual installation on the island of Lampedusa. The tiny island has an area of 20.2 square kilometres (7.8 sq mi) and a population of about 6,000 people, a small population which had found itself routinely outnumbered and overwhelmed by migrants and refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea, and find a way into Europe. The only constraint was that the piece would need to be fabricated in the UK and fit within the dimensions of standard check in luggage for the two flights taking us from London to Lampedusa. In 2014 the International Organization for Migration reported over 3000 deaths in the Mediterranean sea although the figure is likely to be higher. This piece was inspired by the bio-mimetic forms of artist Hans Bellmer and  architect and artist Mark West. 

Andreas Christodoulou, Charlotte Hill, Ieva Bartkeviciute.

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