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“Drawing is rather like
playing chess: your mind races

ahead of the moves that you eventually make.”

David Hockney.

Sketching has become an option on the a la carte menu which is the contemporary designers tool kit. This is something we at the house are fundamentally against. Sketching is thinking with confidence. By putting pen to paper the designer allows herself to communicate ideas to others, but more importantly, she expands her mind. The sketchbook is the external hard drive of design ideas, freeing up brain power to further drive home to clients, contractors and oneself the  solution to a design problem. Computer software has superficially replaced the need for the sketchbook in the design industries, the reality is it’s never been more important. There is no technology (yet) which can rival the speed, efficiency and charm of a quick sketch. We believe that setting off with a designer who doesn’t sketch is like having a tour guide who doesn’t speak the language... 

Creative Director: Andreas N Christodoulou.

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