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"Well now really when we go back into falling in love. And say, it's crazy. Falling. You see? We don't say "rising into love". There is in it, the idea of the fall. And it goes back, as a matter of fact, to extremely fundamental things. That there is always a curious tie at some point between the fall and the creation. Taking this ghastly risk is the condition of there being life. You see, for all life is an act of faith and an act of gamble. The moment you take a step, you do so on an act of faith because you don't really know that the floor's not going to give under your feet. The moment you take a journey, what an act of faith. The moment that you enter into any kind of human undertaking in relationship, what an act of faith. See, you've given yourself up. But this is the most powerful thing that can be done: surrender. See. And love is an act of surrender to another person. Total abandonment. I give myself to you. Take me. Do anything you like with me. See. So, that's quite mad because you see, it's letting things get out of control. All sensible people keep things in control. Watch it, watch it, watch it. Security? Vigilance Watch it. Police? Watch it. Guards? Watch it. Who's going to watch the guards? So, actually, therefore, the course of wisdom, what is really sensible, is to let go, is to commit oneself, to give oneself up and that's quite mad. So we come to the strange conclusion that in madness lies sanity."

Alan Watts.

This gift set was as a result of a limited edition collaboration between House of dré & Etisha Collective - 2021.

Inspired by the Etisha Collectives modern love collection we asked ourselves the question “What is modern love?”. Perhaps by deconstructing the concept into base elements, we can try to create a sculptural interpretation of what it might be. A physical expression of an abstract idea. 


Modernity then, is a concept. Modernity feels artificial, sleek in texture and sharp in form. Love is the name of a feeling but also something we do. Love feels old, organic and familiar. Modern Love is the projection of Love off of the surface of Modernity. A couple. 

Both the soap & the candle are hand made with natural materials. The candle is naturally coloured white beeswax blended with pure essential oils. Our natural beeswax is made in the hive of honey bees, it is 100% pure and gives a long smooth burn that adds an undertone of natural aroma to the essential oils. The handmade soap is made of natural oatmeal and nourishing shea butter with added essential oils. The top of the soap is set with naturally exfoliating oatmeal pieces. It was our intention from the outset to craft a gift set that is completely consumable and biodegradable. The packaging is also made of natural materials and is completely recyclable.

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