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"Design will continue to grow in relevance and influence only if it will contribute to tackle the complex, systemic problems that affect our societies, economies and the planet we all call home."

Fabio Sergio.

Creative Director: Frog Design

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House of Dré was Established in 2020 by Andreas Christodoulou, the founder and creative director of House of Dre. Andreas brings his architectural background into a diverse range of disciplines, from interior design and sculpture to furniture and industrial design.


His works have been exhibited in galleries, restaurants and hotels in and around London. As a multidisciplinary creative he believes that by creating an overlap between art and design, new and culturally relevant works can be created. This constant process of innovation requires the designer/artist to make themselves vulnerable. This process only works by collaborating with a network of talented people in the art, design and construction industries.  Maintaining strong relationships with other creatives is right at the heart of House of Dré. It is through collaboration that we can bring our knowledge as designers to the art world and vice versa. Collaboration is the studios life blood.


The studio is proud to be based within the East London creative hub of Hackney Downs Studios. A warehouse space full of creatives such as fashion designers, graphic designers, illustrators, painters, sculptors and many more.

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Be honest and act with integrity. This is the first rule of the architect's code. It also encapsulates all of the rules which come after it. The first rule summarises the rest efficiently in six words. If one can’t be honest with themselves about who they are, then how can they be honest with others? So the mission is Realness. Be honest and act with integrity.  


Dré is not a person, but a persona. It is how you feel when you know you are sitting in a beautiful space, enjoying delicious food and drink with great company. It is the side of you that you project on social media. It’s how you feel when you slide on a fresh pair of trainers or a new dress. It is real, but doesn’t make up the whole of your reality. Dré is about encouraging people to understand that they are multifaceted, therefore relieving them of the pressure to be Dré all the time, and to indulge in, and enjoy the various parts that make up the self.

Andreas Christodoulou.

Creative Director: House of dré

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