"Design will continue to grow in relevance and influence only if it will contribute to tackle the complex, systemic problems that affect our societies, economies and the planet we all call home."

Fabio Sergio.

Creative Director: Frog Design

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House of dré is an art and design studio based in East London. The studio attempts to blur the lines between art, industrial design and interior design through the practice of humanistic introspection, as a tool for understanding the wants and needs of others. Creative director Andreas Christodoulou explains “every project should be an opportunity to make ourselves vulnerable by trying something new. By bringing our biases and naivete as trained architects and interior designers, to different areas such as industrial design & art, we are able to bring an alternative perspective. This approach creates fresh opportunities for reflection and ultimately growth”. Andreas is a qualified architect, gaining his postgraduate degree from the University of Westminster School of Architecture & Cities. Since graduating he has worked on award winning projects across multiple typologies, from the design of market halls to the interior design of hotels, bars and restaurants.


Dré is not a person, it’s a persona. It’s how you feel when you know you are sitting in a beautiful space, enjoying delicious food and drink with great company. It’s the side of you that you project on social media. It’s how you feel when you slide on a fresh pair of trainers or a new dress. It is real, but doesn’t make up the whole of your reality. This is what embeds those moments into the memory. We are anticipating a new generation of consumers who will be well seasoned to the weaponization of social media to sell goods and experiences to them. To this generation honesty and integrity will be crucial elements of the brands they connect with. dré is about encouraging people to understand that they are multifaceted, therefore relieving them of the pressure to be dré all the time, and to indulge in and enjoy the various parts that make up the self.


House of dré is therefore a studio which places emphasis on the state of mind which we deploy in order to empathise with our end user. By separating out this element of ourselves and understanding it as one of our many personas, we can get to the route of what people want and deliver it to them through our designs. The person wearing the mask is the only one who can’t see it. It is through honesty and integrity that we gain the presence of mind to take the mask on and off whenever we need to, and tell others when we are wearing it. It is a liberating social concept that drives our decisions and the value we bring as a brand.

Andreas Christodoulou.

Creative Director: House of dré